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Break your chains of invisibility:

With both a method, a guide, and a homogeneous set of tools to ensure your success, Alphaleads reinvents B2B prospecting through the successful aggregation of ultra-personalization, multichannel, and artificial intelligence. Your prospects and customers will finally see you, you will lose your invisibility.

Your "primal" goal

Whether you are starting a B2B activity or have been established for many years, your primary goal remains the same: develop your business to achieve profits. This is the "primal" goal of any commercial activity, and it is also that of the Alphaleads solution that you will discover. The "perfectionism with drawers" of some often turns into "professional procrastination" because going to meet customers can lead to a real phobia. With Alphaleads, this indecision phenomenon disappears and every day becomes a simple moment to start or continue your prospecting.

  ▶  85% of entrepreneurs fail because they do not prospect enough

Interested in organizing all your prospects with quick, intuitive and ergonomic tools?

Small expenses or big results?

Alphaleads doesn't cost thousands of euros and allows you to achieve immediate profitability while being guided throughout your process of acquiring new prospects and B2B customers. This promise is based on a proven and easy-to-implement methodology, which involves focusing where it should be, as well as technical expertise that makes it highly efficient in bringing your offer, service or product to life.

Having experience to avoid detours

Alphaleads is developed under the responsibility of Johnny Daubes, an entrepreneur for over 35 years, who has led many companies in very different sectors, implemented countless marketing actions and expertly handles the issues inherent in searching for prospects and customers, both for traditional companies and startups to which the concepts of disruptiveness or growth hacking are so dear. Among his other idiosyncratic characteristics, it should be noted that he does not live in Dubai and does not have a Ferrari. He is a seasoned individual and a promoter of the company's consistent concept.

Prospects are good! Addressing each of them in a personalized manner is even better !

Precise segmentation:

When you know who you are addressing and why, everything becomes easy and obvious, for you and your prospects. Alphaleads offers you all the qualification and segmentation tools you need to prospect with the greatest precision and quality.

There's no point in running, you have to prospect at the right pace!

The strength and credibility of Alphaleads lies in its pragmatism, especially in the fact that it is pointless to delve into an entrepreneurial subject until you have mastered its fundamentals. The method induced by this tool consists of doing the right things in the right order and not confusing efficiency and efficacy. It's not about getting the result at all costs, but taking the best path to get there and incidentally, the one that won't kill you. That's why the first step in your "onboarding" will be for you to answer a few essential questions that are too often forgotten.

Have you seen this before?

Yes and no. Yes if you aggregate expensive and talkative training programs and synthesize them by comparing them to your experience. No if you are looking for an integrated solution that offers you the greatest efficiency possible, with a perfect understanding of what you are doing and why you are doing it, regardless of the current advancement level of your entrepreneurial project, without being either a complex system or an elitist solution that is too expensive.

Don't think "Marketing One shot" anymore, but multi-channel communication campaign

Program your campaigns

One of the secrets of the success of a marketing campaign is to think beyond the "one shot", to structure a series of multichannel messages with a "natural" coherence and progression. Alphaleads allows you to define a "conditionality" tree with a few clicks and to never forget a prospect, regardless of their situation.

Think about "people"

When using a computerized system, one must never forget that the act of selling is first and foremost a relationship between two or more people. Alphaleads helps you focus on people and forget about the computer constraints, because a relationship, including with a customer, can't be unraveled, it has to be built and earned.

And it's really painless ?

The efforts it will require from you? Some efforts and even certain efforts, but nothing compared to what this way of proceeding and these tools will allow you to avoid.

Your efforts will be guided by the methodology applied and especially rewarded directly and verifiably. You will be able to experiment quickly and save many expenses that you would have had to incur without the use of Alphaleads. The entrepreneurial profession is always fraught with pitfalls, unexpected events that can hurt, and for this type of pain, Alphaleads is a preventive prophylaxis that is much more effective than any analgesic or aspirin.

Concretely, what are the benefits ?

Your benefits are to be considered at multiple levels. You will be able to focus on what is essential and go straight into action. You will work on smaller-sized prospecting segments and have efficiency KPIs, very quickly allowing you to turn failures into agile learning experiences to steer you towards the right solutions. Your benefit is a time-saving, significant savings by avoiding expensive and useless expenses, quick learning, an efficient transformation of your prospecting actions into sales results as quickly as possible.

1000 contacts per month to help you progress

In addition to its "strategic and operational" benefit, Alphaleads is also immediately tangible in that it provides you with prospecting resources. With your subscription at 29.90 € per month, you have the capacity to collect, semi-automatically, no fewer than 1000 new professional contacts to prospect, for which a prequalification with several dozen additional information is automatically performed at the time of capture. You can focus on a business area or a geographical area, according to your own prospecting priorities.

Brutality or Maestria ?

The philosophy of Alphaleads is the opposite of the so-called "steamroller", it focuses on your ability to consider each of your customers and to adapt to their problems with the highest level of commitment and intensity. 10 won clients is a concrete goal, while 250000 contacted prospects only represent an abstract potential as the intensity of each contact will be weakened by the number. The "secret" of Alphaleads is to help you effectively bet on hyper-personalization of your actions towards your prospects and customers in order to achieve the highest possible retention rate in terms of the time you invest.

▶ The unit efficiency of your communication is inversely proportional to its mass

Google My Business: $200 monthly in "no code"

Did you know that by creating a Google My Business account as a professional, Google offers you a monthly credit of 200 dollars for searches that you can use with its Google Maps Places API? It's a bit complicated and reserved for programmers, as this API can only be used through calls for which you need to know how to code, but with Alphaleads, you can switch to "no code" mode. You can use your search credit directly from your interface and automate the retrieval of prospects to then transfer them to your "prospect box". Of course, that's not all, Alphaleads complements Google's API by searching for emails, social accounts, contact pages of your prospects and saves you considerable time. This Google API connection service is provided at no extra cost with your basic subscription to further increase your prospecting possibilities as you want and need it.

Protect your deliverability: Bouce Breaker v1.01

Your email campaigns are the result of significant investment in time, energy, and financial resources. To maximize their effectiveness, it is crucial to ensure that your messages are not sent to invalid or unresponsive email addresses.

Bounce Breaker is natively integrated into Alphaleads and your prospecting campaigns, allowing you to selectively verify your specific target professions or all the unchecked email addresses in your entire campaign. Each renewal of your Alphaleads subscription includes a credit for verifying 1000 email addresses.

The deliverability of your messages is essential. Email services evaluate the reputation of your sending email address and IP to decide whether to deliver your emails. Invalid addresses harm your reputation and reduce the deliverability of your future messages.

Find your best prospects with The most powerful API on the market

Are you tired of the theory of online marketing gurus? What you want is to take action, move forward, and prospect right now! To achieve all this, you need to find your B2B prospects, identify them, qualify them, and contact them. To succeed in all of this, you need high-quality information, not an outdated file that you paid ten times its value for. That's why Alphaleads provides you with an API, even more powerful than that of Google, that allows you to retrieve updated data of your prospects with just two clicks. Are you only interested in those explicitly managing a real estate agency in Valencia, Spain, for which an email address is available? And would you also like to be able to reliably identify their website? It will only take you three more clicks to add the desired filters to your query. Let Alphaleads and its API do the work, and a few hours later, everything is available, ready to be transferred to the Prospect Box of your campaign. No programming required, no need to juggle between 15 so-called no-code programs. Everything is there, usable, and waiting for your action. The major advantage of the filters is that you only get truly usable prospects, not half-empty records that many platforms charge you for without much scruple. Oh! One last thing, you don't have to install a Chrome plugin, and you don't use your own IP, avoiding the wrath of Google and the risk of being banned. So, what are you waiting for?

Classify and qualify:

When you have multiple prospecting sources, it is important to be able to "qualify" and classify your prospect records. Alphaleads provides you with everything you need to organize by managing main sectors, professions and specialties, all in a simple way. You always know your prospecting potentials and can efficiently organize yourself.

But isn't hyper-personalization intrusive ?

We all tend to think so and by reflex we avoid radical and personalized approaches. This is a mistake because intrusiveness is only contestable in terms of perceived intention and not method. Offer value and an efficient solution to your prospect, make him understand that it is not a coincidence, but the result of your interest in him and you will be surprised not only by the quality of his listening but also by the greatness of his interest. The important thing is not how you say it, but why you say it and to whom you say it. If you do not know who you are talking to, you will not know why you are doing it, nor how to do it. You must mark your difference by this knowledge of who and why to be able to propose the how. Remember that everything that is not different generates indifference. Radicality is a problem only when it is not perceived as legitimate, in which case it marks an undeniable and sincere sign of interest. Alphaleads is designed to help you achieve this result.

  ▶  Generate your Icebreakers automatically

Learn to break the ice!

The key to converting a prospect into a customer is to establish a relationship of trust. This relationship starts with creating a feeling of sympathy in your prospect. How do you achieve this? By showing empathy. Indeed, empathy allows you to connect with your prospect, understand their needs and challenges, and communicate in a focused and relevant way.

It's not just about presenting your product, but demonstrating how you can help your prospect overcome their problems. How can you demonstrate this empathy effectively? By showing genuine interest in your prospect. One way to do this is to learn about them by checking out their website, social networks and starting your communication with a personalised ice-breaker.

Here comes in with its innovative AI tool that helps you find relevant and effective "icebreakers". Why is this so important? The figures speak for themselves: only 1% of prospecting emails have a high read rate. And you know what makes these emails stand out? They start with an Icebreaker! Take it to the next level and give your messages the personal touch that makes the difference, starting today with Alphalead's AI tool.

With the massive arrival of AI in 2023, is Alphaleads already a little behind ?

AI is a real revolution, but only if you know how to tame it. Alphaleads relies heavily on AI and uses its own models to take full advantage of it. To get a good answer, you need to ask the right question. Without context, there is no AI that is relevant, and Alphaleads helps you define the context necessary to maximize the benefits of this "revolutionary" AI, without you having to know how to "talk to it". AI is, in short, one of the essential components of Alphaleads' efficiency in helping you perfectly formalize your ideas and contexts with your prospects and customers.

Improve your communication with tone, persona, and influence matrices

  ▶  Your buyers personas in seconds!

The buyer persona

What is a buyer persona?
The buyer persona, or ideal customer profile, is a fictitious but accurate representation of your existing and potential customers, developed from real data about their behaviors, demographic characteristics, motivations, barriers, and consumption habits. This concept is a fundamental pillar of any marketing strategy because it allows you to finely understand the needs, preferences, and expectations of your target customers. With buyer personas, you can better understand the specifics of your audience and thus design more relevant and effective marketing messages that will capture the attention of your prospects.

How does Alphaleads' "buyer persona" module work?
Traditionally, creating a "buyer persona" profile by a marketing agency would take several days and be costly. With Alphaleads' buyer persona generation module, you get an equivalent result in just one to two minutes thanks to artificial intelligence. This innovative service, included in your basic subscription, allows you to build a detailed profile of your target customers, facilitating the customization of your marketing strategy to optimally meet their specific needs.

Depth and clarity of buyer persona profiles
The buyer persona profiles generated by the Alphaleads module are distinguished by their depth and clarity. Available in French, English, or Spanish, they include demographic, behavioral, motivational, barrier, and consumption habit information about your customers. An illustrative photo is also automatically generated to help you better "visualize" your ideal customer.

Adaptation to individual or professional clients.
Creating your profile relies on simple data such as the description of your company, service or product, your geographic area of prospecting, and if you wish, the definition of a specific professional target. In the latter case, the profile of your ideal prospect takes into account their activity and centers all the elements defining their characteristics based on this professional profile.

How to use this information?
Selling successfully involves understanding your customer's problems and needs to offer them an adequate solution, which turns out to be your product or service. The buyer persona profile generated by Alphaleads provides you with a summary of your prospect's problems and solutions, as well as a list of corresponding arguments directly put into perspective considering the service or product for which you are conducting your communication campaign. This way, you can adapt your marketing message and maximize the impact of your actions on your target audience.

And as always: the best for last!
The famous problems and solutions identified, as well as your key selling arguments, are directly taken into account, if you wish, by your message writing assistance modules for your emails, phone call scripts, or other publications. Isn't that wonderful? While ordinarily the buyer persona profile is a document that is displayed on the wall, for you, it will be directly taken into account during your prospecting actions.

Get inside the minds of your customers to serve them better

Where most sellers focus on knowing their services or products well, the secret of those who succeed is, on the contrary, to focus on a deep understanding and knowledge of their customer, their desires, fears, needs, fantasies. - 'Not easy'? Some achieve this with mastery and others never. The difference between the two is what we call empathy. The most important and powerful word in sales. Empathy is not a technique, it's a behavior, a mindset, and if you don't have this gift, Alphaleads will help you by creating what we call empathy maps.

For each campaign, you will have a guide detailing the doubts, fears, obstacles, desires, impulses, fantasies of your customers. After you have completed your 'empathetic decoder', Alphaleads' AI will create for you an ideological sales page plan, based on all the elements of the buyer persona and the empathy map that were created. All you have to do is export this perfectly structured plan to the sales tunnel editing module of Alphaleads, or to the sales tunnel application you are already using. The nightmare is over for those who struggle to perfectly organize their pitches to create effective sales pages. A unique tool based on AI and the expertise of the best sales psychology experts, entirely at your service, thanks to Alphaleads.

Manage your sales pitches in a flexible and intelligent way

Wanting to offer products or services means having to prepare to communicate actively with your clients and prospects. Once you've entered the minds of your clients, you will appreciate having an organized and reorganizable repository of all the arguments developed during analysis phases. You can then use them as a genuine toolbox for better drafting and enhancing your sales emails, funnel pages, telephone prospecting scripts, social network ads, etc.

Clarifying, ordering, noting, correcting, improving; this is a pivotal stage. Just as a good lawyer will tell you that 80% of his work is done before the plea, the same goes for all sales or prospecting actions. If it hasn't been easy to clarify and organize your ideas until now, that is no longer an issue thanks to Alphaleads and its specialized module. It allows you to efficiently manage dozens of ideas and arguments to improve your performance, both through AI and with your own field experience feedback.

A specialized, fast, and powerful "page builder" to highlight your sales copy!

Integrated page editing tools for graphic designers or coders.

And as for security,
are we talking about it?

At Alphaleads, the security of your transactions is our top priority. Unlike too many platforms that limit themselves to displaying basic security symbols for "marketing reassurance", we have strengthened your sales pages with a rigorous anti-fraud process, ensuring additional protection for you and your customers.

Our unique system works through a double verification: each order modification is instantly recalculated and checked for its integrity and validity, both in your browser and on our server. This level of control ensures that every completed order is authentic and secure.

Before any payment, an encrypted token containing all the order details is generated. This token plays a crucial role in securing your transactions: it is verified just before initiating the payment and is then included in the transaction confirmation by our payment processors (Paypal and Stripe). This additional step allows us to re-check all the data upon receiving the final payment confirmation (via Paypal's PIN or Stripe's webhook). In the event of any anomaly, you are immediately informed so that you can take necessary measures.

Yes indeed! We are proud to offer you enhanced security, beyond industry standards, to effectively protect you against any attempt of fraud. So yes, security is important and we're talking about it!

How much does it cost this "prospecting solution"?

In developing our pricing for Alphaleads, we sought a perfect balance between accessibility for newcomers and added value for experienced users. Our model harmoniously adapts to the evolution of your business needs.

For start-up businesses, Alphaleads is particularly accessible. With a starting cost of only €5 per month, you can begin to build and refine your marketing strategies without heavily impacting your budget thanks to a manageable cost structure.

Meanwhile, our proportional pricing system is ideally suited to growing businesses or those already well-established. As your prospect base expands, reflecting more intensive use of our platform, the cost adjusts accordingly, at a rate of €5 per thousand prospects. This means that successful businesses, reaching a broad market and seeking to optimize their performance in terms of marketing and sales, find in Alphaleads an evolving partner.

This pricing model is designed to be simple and transparent with a clear structure that allows you to easily forecast your expenses. Whether you are an emerging startup or a well-established company aiming to maximize your market impact, Alphaleads offers you an adaptable, efficient, and economically viable solution for all your prospecting needs.

And if I hesitate? It's normal to hesitate at that price!

The first thing is that, like everything you buy on the internet, you can ask for a refund during the first 14 days of your subscription. No questions asked, we refund you, you get a total guarantee with no complications in setting it up. Then, if you make too much money and prefer to go on vacation, or for any other reason, you can cancel your subscription at any time, before its monthly renewal. For this, there is a button in your interface, if you click on it, your subscription will not be renewed the following month, and you will not be charged. Our only way of keeping you captive is thus to always give you more, so that you do not decide to break our hearts by clicking on that darn button. That's the best guarantee for you!

Remember that Alphaleads is designed both as a service platform and also as a training in B2B marketing and sales. From identifying your prospects to finalizing sales through your sales funnels, you will benefit from an unmatched rich training to help you master everything. Yes, a training equivalent to what most trainers sell you by explaining that for technical resources, they will provide you with a list of resources. You add up €1497 for the training and €897 for monthly subscriptions to the resources (yes, according to web gurus, prices that end in 7 sell more!). Yes, you're right to hesitate! It does exceed €5, that's true!

Use the built-in Warmup tool to increase and preserve your delivery rates

Entrepreneurship is a long and not at all peaceful river

Being an entrepreneur is like traveling down an Amazon river, a mountainous path where each peak reveals a new, larger and higher one. The destination is not the subject, the principle is to travel, to discover, to overcome adversity, to experience idylls. Nothing is fixed. Movement and action are perpetual, they are actually what define "life". Alphaleads is a valuable aid for the entrepreneur and will remain so over the months and years by constantly improving, with new features, additions and new versions following one another. It is a strategy and a philosophy assumed and the opposite of "- As long as nothing happens to us!". In a counter-intuitive way, the first enrichment of an entrepreneur is to learn to think "in flow" and not "in stock". You will learn the importance of context, of "event-related" compared to "structural".

  ▶  1/3 of businesses die within the first 5 years of their inception.

Everything to capture your prospects, enrich their records and create ultra-personalized messages

Lacking training and information?

Have you been considering starting your own business for a while, but you're hesitant? You're a novice in marketing and sales techniques. So, you're thinking about investing in training, and there's a plethora of options on social media, each one more "promising" than the other. But at €997 or €3990 in three installments, you're wondering if it's really worth it! Don't waste your money; you'll need it to finance your business. You can find more or less the same information for free on YouTube, albeit in a disorderly manner, as what you'll find in a well-structured €1000 course. Alphaleads offers you a dedicated Podcast section integrated directly, and it won't cost you an extra penny. Learn at your own pace, without taking on consumer credit, and discover the fundamental principles of marketing and sales as you need them. By the way, the best way to learn is through specialized books and, above all, a strong dose of hands-on experience. We only learn through practice. Wanting to learn how to manage a business solely through training is a bit like wanting to learn how to swim using YouTube; if you haven't started getting your feet wet, it won't be very effective. So take advantage of our explanations, information, and free courses, and immediately put into practice what you've just learned thanks to Alphaleads.

Train yourself and grow your business through a
holistic understanding of its operations

To maximize your business growth, understand that there is no magic formula, but rather a holistic approach to effectively orchestrate the various aspects of your activity. Each decision and choice influences the overall functioning of your company. With experience, you will learn to navigate these interactions, progressively refining key mechanisms to achieve the desired profitability. As demonstrated in the Venn diagram below, your business expansion is based on four fundamental pillars: understanding your customers' needs, the ability to generate prospects, the quality of your product or service offerings, and your efficiency in turning these prospects into loyal customers. The more you master and optimize these components, the faster your growth and the greater your profits. Three key concepts are essential to this dynamic: strategic positioning, internal alignment, and market fit.

Positioning: Positioning is the art of standing out in the customer's mind. It's the compass that guides every message, every product, every interaction, ensuring that your brand is not just seen, but memorable and preferred.

Alignment: Alignment is the perfect harmony between vision, team, and action. It's the orchestra of your internal resources, playing in symphony to turn your strategic vision into tangible and measurable reality.

Market Fit: Market fit is the key that opens the door to market success. It's the perfect alignment between what you offer and what the market desires, where each product or service resonates with customers, creating a natural and sustained demand.

Growth Objective is an effective training program, included in your Alphaleads subscription, complete and actionable, that breaks down all these concepts and levers to help you achieve the growth you seek in the best possible conditions and as quickly as possible.

Most entrepreneurs do not train themselves adequately, then they...

  ▶  fruitlessly search for tips on social media   ▶  exhaust themselves at work, ignorant of the fundamentals   ▶  change ideas every three months, following the current hype   ▶  weaken and devalue themselves in their own eyes

I'm interested, I can start when ?

The decision is yours, the registration is immediate and Alphaleads is designed to get you onboard as efficiently as possible with single-subject explanatory videos (one question, one answer) that serve as usage guides for each option, each step, each concept. No extensive talk, but concise explanations and practical examples that put you directly in the situation. The goal is always the same, to save you time and effort so that you can use it for your own goals and priorities. Get onboard whenever you want !

Will you make me a millionaire ?

Alphaleads is not here to make you a millionaire in 6 months. The methods that will make you a millionaire in 6 months do exist and the price to pay is that only 0.01% of participants will succeed. With Alphaleads, your chances of success are closer to 90% if you meet two indispensable conditions, that you be courageous and original. Only courage and originality allow for independence with statistically high success. Those who claim otherwise are what was once called charlatans. If you prefer to bet on 0.01%, then also buy a lottery ticket to double your chances !